Three Weeks Ago

We were heading to an adventure,
In a camp far away from civilization.

In a Universe where stars resides; planets found and earth lives.
Continents and countries; Cities and Town.
In the Philippines, Bucari Leon pointed out.
We decided to go here – to seek a wilderness adventure!

Day 1: the Camp Ground

Bucari Leon


Bucari Leon


Bucari Leon


Bucari Leon






The moth..
Taking its glance,
Sending his love
Kissing me to stay as I am.


As we go through miles and miles away..
We found the spectacular place of Guimaras;
A place where the sea meets the land and land meets the beauty of the people within.

These are just one of the beauty of the Dusk;
The sun, the sea and the old memories.




I stumble upon in an art site.
though I work not as beautiful as amazingly as the colours light,
I simply find it spectacular as I hit the point it hides.

This is Nebula, the green, yellow, red and blue light.
Nebula sparkles like rainbow in the sky and bloom like flowers in a dark light.

sandbox neonflames