A Panoply of Beauty

I don’t know how to say it seriously, but thanks for this simple yet gorgeous and wonderful photo. Haha! :3

Tabasin is such a badass ❤
So Joan gives me a thought,
And Jaya has a smile
But I dunno to Mebs( 😀 )

I think I adored saying Hi! to Tiacel,
And a friendly kiss to Jenny.
Hello! To Cathy
Tap for Balot
And bump for Epik.

A good grin to Val
And little smirk for Julian
Why not for Sherane?
I never forget you Milag.. hahha
John Luis Miguel Legaspi!!!
But I love thee.

I never mention
Other’s name but you all are here
It’s just hidden..hahaha! (*wink)

They have weird names
But I love them all
For they are a friend,
That keeps me going.

It’s not a good art of poem,
But this is a beautiful (*evil grin) words that
Work of a heart.



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