Studio Ghibli

I have never expected that the studio Ghibli Facebook page accepted my Totoro and No face art. I’m feeling too excited when I see the accepted letter from the Studio.

Studio Ghibli

And here’s my art of Totoro and No Face”

no face


And these are the Arts of the Fans 🙂  from Studio Ghibli

kiki delivery
Credits to: Ahmad Beiruty
Credits to: Jecht Mast
studio ghibli
Credits to: Chloe Holloway
Credits to: Michael Venz

These Pictures are from the fans of Ghibli and there are more awesome arts of Totoro, no face, Kiki, Howls andmany more. Visit more on Studio Ghibli Arts of the Fans.


2 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli

  1. Don’t know what I would have done without studio Ghibli in my life, its made me my super nerdy self and I’m greatful. ❤ Xxx

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