A Letter from Sheila to Shiela

I’m too glad that someone wrote a letter for me.  And her name is Sheila.

To my fellow Potterhead, we may not be the closest of all the close but we will always be connected! From the same name we have, to the same books we read up to the same movies we watched, there will always be something common between us. To the ultimate Employee of the Month, I am wishing all the best ahead of you! Muah!


 I’m freaking out when she said all this and I never expected to send back a corny letter for her.

To you, we met in a long time but never spend a precious time. I may not be your close friend as Harry said but we have in common like magic in a wand. Movies and books have different line yet inclined to set a precious advice. Thanks for the words even the love that hides for I am grateful that I met a friend with the same smile.

harry potter


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