The Power of Matter, Love and Energy as One

The beauty of life is seen in art. Symbols express the presence of love and made the matter undergoes. The matter deals with organic compounds associated with plants and animals.

rose One flower can wake the dream


 One voice can speak with wisdom

forest One tree can start a forest

bird One bird can herald spring

Life is like a compound substance, it is the combination of beauty and happiness. When life is changing, it is changing in simpler elements that created a good meaning in every one’s heart. Physically the art of life is formed even there is chemical reaction of sorrow and hatred. The chemical change is formed when the chemical reaction of love and happiness is involved.

smile One smile begins a friendship

The pure substance is in each heart that created a mixture of true identity and property of a human being in simple ways. The element of life is in the power of matter, energy and love as one.


 One heart can know what is true

touch One touch can show you care

lifec One life can make a difference


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