The Codex Leicester

A codex is a wooden writing tablet that is developed by the Romans, the dominant form of a book that is gradually replacement of the scroll in the ancient world.

The arts and symbols deliberately arrange in the codex. The link between the art and science is illustrated in the codex namely “The Codex Leicester” is a collection made by Leonardo da Vinci which is a collection of largely scientific writings.

The Codex Leicester is a mixture of Leonardo’s theories and observation on astronomy and the manuscript does not take the form of a single linear script. It is the observation and theories of the properties of water, fossils and rocks, air and celestial light. Leonardo da Vinci is not only known as a professional painter but also a scientist. The Codex Leicester contains an explanation of why fossils can be found on mountains and it is also an explanation about the movement of water, like the flow of waters in the rivers and how it is affected by different obstacles put in its way and from this observation he made a recommendations about bridge construction and erosion which of now is existed. This explanation is also added by the luminosity of the moon which Leonardo da Vinci explains and describes about the phenomenon of planetshine.

Before the German astronomer, Johannes Kepler proved it. One hundred years before, Leonardo explain why the moon is not as bright as the sun and he explained that the pale glow on the dark portion of the crescent moon is caused by the sunlight reflected from the Earth which planetshine describe.

The Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci was handwritten in Italian and characterize in mirror writing and it is also supported by copious diagrams and drawings.

Codex Leicester


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