5 centimeters per second

by makoto shinkai

Love travels beyond time, beyond distance. Learning about this story is a fact that exists in real life. Once love met its host, they discover happiness and never ending imagination of never ending adventure. Love, chooses different stages of human experience. This is used when we are in happiness. However, anger and despair appear when this love broke. I, certainly feel this so called broken. I’ve watch 5 centimeter per second, a short story created by Makoto Shinkai. I watch it again and again and my hearts broke us Takaki feel it too. In  reality of life, it happens that broken is for you by means of deciding of yourself  if  you choose a certain path. However, the question sometimes floated again and again like “I love, but love desperately ignore me, how could that be?” Writing this line broke me, every time I feel this emptiness, I reminisce all the happiness that I’m stupidly encounter and take it as much as I could laugh forever….
Hope, could that be beside me or hid to kill me?
Faith, totally in me, why I said so? Cause every time I’m down he always pop up in my mind even though I’m not calling him..weird isn’t it?
Absolutely weird..
Trying to fix my self again and again..
You have to watch this..Talking to myself is completely insane!
Furthermore, …
watch it, just try!


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