He called me and I’m alone..
Alone that no one knows what my heart beat tells. When the rain comes I feel that he never care at all. Once, the night is dim that I’m alone..
I answered the phone and he talks like he cares. Unfortunately, I hear nothing but a blur sounds of rain. Then, he whispers ” do you still care”?
A little bit anger that keeps pushing me to say “no”.
He hung-up  the phone co’z no one answering his tone. I have the opportunity to tell him but those second knock down because of anger; Opportunity to tell him why he doesn’t remember my day. The day that I was born, the day that I was in hell, a day that no one knows me at all, a day that everybody shout that I’m not F***** exist in this F**** world.
Living in a place like hell is a hard job to do.
Need to find my self….
I need to find my self….
no one knows I’m bleeding..



One thought on “Alone

  1. God Knows and Cares and There , and stretching His Healing Hand towards you , Would you believe in this point of your Absolute distress and stretch your Hand twoards the Absolute Unconditional Love of God

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